Every modern vehicle made by Jeep comes equipped with a remote key fob. This tiny device allows you to unlock and lock your car door, open the trunk, and even start your engine with just a simple press of a button. After years of use, the battery in the key fob might become weak or die entirely. Replacing the battery is a relatively straightforward process that anyone can do with minimal tools. However, before getting started on how to change battery in jeep key fob, let’s take a look at the history of this device.

History of The Key Fob

The first vehicle to come equipped with a key fob was the Mercedes-Benz 600 in 1968. This key fob, or ‘remote control for cars’, allowed owners to unlock and lock their car doors from a distance of up to 30 yards away. In the 1980s, automakers began equipping more and more vehicles with similar technology that allowed owners to not only lock and unlock but also sound their car’s horn and flash their headlights.

Today, Jeep vehicles come with a key fob that can do all these things as well as start the engine from up to 40 yards away. Other vehicles which come with key fobs with special abilities include the BMW 5 Series and the Lexus RX 350, which both have key fobs that enable owners to open their vehicle’s trunk without having to manually unlock it.

In more recent years, manufacturers have created even more innovative key fob technology such as app-based remote start systems. Some of these systems even allow you to do various tasks from your smartphone such as opening the windows and turning on the radio, all from a distance. As technology continues to advance, we can look forward to even more advanced key fob technology being implemented in our vehicles.

Overall, key fobs have come a long way since their inception in 1968 and are now essential for modern vehicle owners’ convenience. Next, let’s take a look at how the key fob of a vehicle operates. This will allow you to learn more about these ingenious devices and how they can make your life easier.

How Does A Key Fob Work

The key fob typically works by sending a signal from the remote to the vehicle. This signal is then received by the car’s receiver, allowing you to remotely open or close its doors. The key fob can also be used to control other features such as the radio and trunk release.

The key fob usually runs on a battery that needs to be replaced approximately every 2-4 years depending on usage. The battery can be replaced or recharged easily and quickly, making it a convenient device for vehicle owners.

In addition to being able to control the car from a distance, some key fobs also come with additional features such as panic buttons which can help you in emergencies. This is made possible by the inclusion of a transmitter in the key fob which can send a signal to your car’s alarm system. In short, the major components of a key fob include a transmitter, receiver, and battery. When all these components work together, they allow the key fob to be used for remotely controlling your car and its features.

The key fob is also known as a transponder or proximity device as it can detect when it is close to the vehicle and unlock doors automatically due to its close proximity. This makes it even more convenient for car owners as they don’t need to manually unlock the doors each time they approach their vehicle.

Jeep Key Fob

The first Jeep vehicle to come equipped with a Key Fob was the Grand Cherokee in 1996. Since then, multiple Jeep models have come with a key fob for remote locking and unlocking of doors, trunk access, panic button activation, and more. The latest version of Jeep’s Key Fob is the Uconnect Smart Access System.

The Jeep Uconnect system was developed as a comprehensive suite of connected services that enhance and extend the ownership experience. It offers features like navigation, music streaming, hands-free calling, climate control, and more.

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Uconnect provides an intuitive interface with easy access to all of your vehicle’s essential functions—including tire pressure monitoring, keyless entry & push button start, remote start, and more. To keep your vehicle running at peak performance, Uconnect also offers advanced diagnostic services like service scheduling reminders and maintenance alerts. With all of these features, Uconnect provides an unmatched level of control over your vehicle’s operation and ensures a high level of safety and security on the road.

This system was first introduced back in 2007 on the Jeep Wrangler and has since become one of the most popular infotainment systems available today. With Uconnect, you can access all your vehicle’s features from a single source, whether you’re at home or on the go. You can also control your vehicle remotely via the Uconnect mobile app for iOS or Android.

In addition to Jeep vehicles, other manufacturers like Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, and Fiat vehicles also offer the Uconnect system as standard or optional equipment. Uconnect is available in various levels of packages depending on your vehicle’s features, so you can get the most out of your connected-car experience.

The modern-day Jeep Uconnect Smart Access System is an essential tool for all Jeep owners and provides unprecedented convenience, security, and control. With Uconnect, you can unlock your car with a simple touch of the key fob while never having to take it out of your pocket. You can also use Uconnect’s mobile app to start your car remotely, check tire pressure, and more. With this advanced system, you’re sure to get the most out of your Jeep experience.

How To Change Battery in Jeep Key Fob

Changing the battery in a Jeep key fob Is not as difficult as you might think. In fact, the process is fairly simple and takes only a few minutes to complete. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Take the key fob and locate the small Phillips head screw at the base of it.

2. Using a small Phillips head screwdriver, carefully remove the screw and separate the two halves of the fob. This allows you to access the battery inside.

3. Using a non-metallic device, gently remove the old battery from the key fob. Be careful, as it may be quite delicate. We ask you to use a non-metallic device because metal components are prone to cause static interference.

4. Inspect the battery compartment in the key fob and make sure there is no build-up of dust or dirt. If there is, carefully remove it using a cotton swab.

5. Put the new battery in, making sure that the positive side is facing the correct direction. Also, make sure the battery fits snugly in place.

6. Once you’ve replaced the battery, carefully reassemble the two halves of the key fob.

7. Secure the screw back in place using the Phillips head screwdriver to finish up.

8. Test your new battery by pressing any button on the key fob and seeing if it works properly. You can do this by locking and unlocking the car doors or honking the horn.

And that’s it! You now know how to change the battery in a Jeep key fob. However, there are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing a new battery as well.

How To Choose a New Key Fob Battery

Key fob batteries come in all shapes and sizes, so it can be difficult to select the right one for your vehicle. Here are some tips on how to choose a new key fob battery:

1. Check Your Vehicle’s Manual: The manual for your vehicle should contain information about the type of battery required and any special instructions related to installation or replacement. This will ensure you purchase the right battery. For most Jeep models, the battery type is CR2032.

2. Consider Brand: Generally, the best quality batteries come from name-brand manufacturers such as Duracell or Energizer. Sometimes generic brands are available for a cheaper price but may not provide the same level of power and life expectancy as the name brand products.

3. Ensure Voltage Matches: It is important to make sure the voltage of the battery matches that required by your vehicle. A higher voltage than necessary can damage your key fob and a lower voltage will not provide enough power to use all its features.

4. Check Battery Size: Key fob batteries come in various sizes, so you must ensure that the battery you purchase is the right size for your specific model.

5. Consider Rechargeable Batteries: To avoid having to replace batteries regularly, consider purchasing a rechargeable key fob battery such as those designed for use with Apple products. Though more expensive than regular batteries, these can be recharged and used again and again.

By following these tips, you can be sure that you purchase the right key fob battery for your vehicle. Proper selection and installation of a new battery will ensure your vehicle starts every time. Be sure to follow all manufacturer’s instructions when installing a new battery. If in doubt, consult with a professional automotive mechanic or electrician. With the right battery, your key fob will be working like new again in no time!

Jeep Key Fob Battery Cost

The cost of replacing your Jeep’s key fob battery can vary. It depends on a few factors, such as the type of key fob you have as well as where you purchase the battery from. Generally, a genuine Jeep key fob battery can cost anywhere from $5-$15. However, you may be able to find a compatible replacement for a lower price at an online discount store or auto parts retailer. When it comes to replacing the battery in your Jeep’s key fob, it is always better to use a genuine battery that is approved by the Jeep manufacturer. This will ensure that your Jeep’s key fob functions properly and lasts for many years to come.

In addition to purchasing a new battery, you may also need to have the key fob programmed in order for it to work with your Jeep. Depending on the exact model of your Jeep and the type of key fob you have, this can cost anywhere from $50-$150 or more. It is always a good idea to consult your local dealership or Jeep service center before attempting any repairs on your own. They will be able to guide you through the process and ensure that everything is done correctly.

How To Change Battery in Jeep Key Fob: FAQs

Q: What tools do I need to change the battery in my Jeep key fob?

A: You will need a small screwdriver or pry tool to open up the key fob and access the battery.

Q: How often should I replace the battery in my Jeep key fob?

A: It is recommended that you replace the battery of your Jeep key fob once every two years. This will ensure optimal performance and reliability of the key fob.

Q: Can I purchase a generic battery for my Jeep key fob?

A: Yes, you can but it is always recommended to use an original battery from the manufacturer as these are specifically designed for your vehicle. Generic batteries may not last as long and may not work reliably.

Q: Where can I get my Jeep key fob battery replaced?

A: You can purchase a new key fob battery from your local automotive store, Jeep dealership, or any online retailer.


When it comes to replacing the battery in your Jeep key fob, it is important to ensure that you get the right one for your vehicle. Make sure that you double-check the voltage and size of the battery before purchasing it and follow all manufacturer’s instructions for installation.

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