Every Jeep Wrangler deserves the luxury of EAG Bumpers but finding a compatible fit might be tiring. We would relieve you of that stress in this review. Read to find out more!

No car owner wishes for a collision – major or minor; however, in the event of such, EAG bumpers could save your Jeep from severe damages. Installing these bumpers to the front and rear ends of your Jeep Wrangler would not just improve its look but also protect your headlights and engine from the cost of major repairs if you ever get involved in a crash.

Unlike other EAG bumper reviews, we have compiled a list of 10 bumper choices you can make for your Wrangler. Highlighting the distinctive qualities of each product, we would help you make the right choice of EAG Bumpers for your Jeep model.

Top 6 EAG Bumpers for the Money!


TOP 3 Alternatives to EAG Bumpers


Reviewing the 6 Best EAG Bumpers

The following products are without qualms, the best EAG Jeep Bumpers in for the money.

The EAG jeep item has a black glaze coat that flakes off easily. It also possesses light tabs for your extra external lights. To save you the cost of D-rings and winch plates, a set is included in the packaging for your Jeep wrangler. It was designed for 1987 – 2006 TJ/YJ but also fit in as an EAG bumper XJ in 2006 Wrangler XJ.


  • Attached D-rings and Winch Plates: Extra D-rings and Winch plates are attached to this Bumper for installation.
  • Well-built: Jeep owners love this EAG bumper due to the sturdy features it possesses.
  • Affordable: You want an incredible bumper at a minimal cost? This is the right choice for your TJ Wrangler.
  • It is the best fit for the 2000 – 2006 TJ Wrangler and 2006 XJ Wrangler.


  • Requires drilling for YJ models: Although this was custom designed as an EAG front bumper for Jeep Wranglers, it is not a bolt-on fix for YJ Jeeps. It requires drilling during installation because the bolt holes are not aligned. This is because it was created for diverse EAG front bumper install applications
  • The coat falls off quickly: To enjoy the protective finish of this Bumper, you’d have to repaint it.
  • Bent bottom-tabs: Poor packaging and rough handling during shipping results in bent tabs upon delivery. This might require modifications to straighten and fit.

Our Judgment

In this EAG bumpers review, we recommend the steel front bumper as an affordable upgrade for your 2000 – 2006 TJ Wrangler. It is sturdy, and you would not have to bother about it falling apart.

This is a vehicle-specific EAG winch bumper for 07 – 18 Jeep JK Wranglers. It is glazed with a thin powdered black coat and included in its packaging are isolators, washers, and every other hardware required for a bolt-on installation. These sets of EAG bumpers JK have an inbuilt winch plate and an attached housing for fog lights. Though, no fog lights are in the Bumper.


  • Complete Components: Washers, isolators, and all hardware needed for installation are found in the Bumper.
  • Bolt-on fix: These set of EAG bumpers Jeep JK are straightforward to install. No special modifications are required for fitting this Bumper to your Wrangler.
  • Low – priced: This is one of the most affordable front bumpers in this EAG bumpers review. For a simple upgrade, this Bumper is your best choice!
  • Pre-drilled Fog-light holes.


  • Rust Bubbles: The paint of this Bumper falls off quickly, and when it comes in contact with water, it creates rust bubbles.
  • Poor Customer support: In the event of complaints when using this Bumper, Customer support could be relatively slow and unresponsive.

Our Opinion

For an affordable yet efficient bumper upgrade for your vehicle, these sets of EAG bumpers Jeep JK would be the right fit for you. However, there is the issue of quick rust which, can be prevented with Rust-Oleum.

EAG brand produced this front Bumper for Wrangler 18-20+ JL and 07 – 18 JK. It has additional slots for external fog light fixtures. However, there are no fog lights in this Bumper. It enhances a bolt-on installation and has all the required components for its mounting – washers, D-rings, isolators, and built-in winch plate.


  • Fog – light Housing: Pre-drilled slots are available for the insertion of external fog lights.
  • All Hardware Provided: All components required for the installation of this Bumper are included in the packaging
  • Economical: These EAG bumpers JL is low–priced.
  • Bolt–on fix
  • Durable
  • They are compatible with 2020+ Jeep Gladiator JT, 07-18 Jeep JK Wrangler, and 18 – 20 JL


  • There is no wire harness for fog lights.
  • Dents in Packaging.
  • Insufficient amount of Hardware: The exact number of hardware items needed is not provided.

Our Judgment

This EAG winch bumper is highly-recommended for its affordability and bolt-on fix. It is a must-have for your 2020+ Jeep Gladiator JT.

In this EAG XJ bumper review, the steel front bumper is constructed with unique techniques – laser- drilling and mechanized construction. It has a two-inch receiver hitch, a safety chain hoop, and D-rings isolators. This steel bumper is compatible with 84 – 01 Cherokee XJ.


  • Two-inch receiver hitch: These set of EAG bumpers XJ possess a 2-inch receiver hitch and a safety loop.
  • Unique production techniques: This steel bumper was made with laser-drilling and automated assembly welding.
  • Bolt-on Upgrade: No hassles are associated with installation. Cutting and drilling are not required to make this Bumper fit your Cherokee XJ.
  • Rust – Resistant Coat: The black textured paint used for this EAG bumper doesn’t flake off or rust quickly.


  • Expensive: This EAG wrangler bumper would cost you some money. If you don’t intend to spend so much on a bumper, then this might not be for you.

Our Judgment

Although these set of EAG rear bumpers is quite expensive, it offers you an incredible mix of quality and durability. You can never go wrong if you purchase this as your XJ EAG bumper.

The Stubby EAG bumper has inbuilt bars that shield your Jeep’s fore grill. It also possesses D-ring shackles, a winch plate, and black isolators for installation. The EAG brand constructed this Bumper for rock crawling purposes. It is factory – fit for 1976 -1986 CJ Jeep Wranglers.


  • Value for your money: Considering all the qualities associated with this Bumper in the EAG bumper reviews, you cannot go wrong with the value this choice offers.
  • Built-in hoops: Hoops are welded in this Bumper to protect the fore grill of your Jeep Wrangler.
  • Easy Installation: You wouldn’t regret the bolt-on fix of this Bumper on your vehicle. It doesn’t take so much effort or stress to mount.
  • D-rings and Winch plate: These sets of EAG bumpers CJ possess D-rings, Winch plate, and black isolators, which aids installation.
  • It is sturdy.


  • Not heavy steel: These stubby EAG front bumpers are not made from heavy metal.
  • No hardware: Unlike other front bumpers, there is no attached hardware for the installation of these EAG bumpers CJ. Therefore, you might need to purchase the required hardware before mounting it.

Our Verdict

Although this EAG front bumper does not have extra hardware in its packaging, the ease in its installation makes it highly recommended for your vehicle needs. 

This EAG bumper is welded for the fore of your Jeep Wrangler with 2’x120 steel tubing. Its armored finish increases its durability and reduces your worries of quick-rust. The EAG front bumper possesses off-road light tabs and a fused hoop built to shield your Wrangler’s fore. Included in the packaging of this Bumper are D-rings and winch plates. It is best for 1987 – 2006 Jeep Wranglers TJ&YJ.


  • Included D-rings and Winch plates: These set of EAG bumpers TJ have attached D-rings and Winch plates. This saves you the extra cost of ordering a winch plate or D- ring shackles.
  • Protective Finish: The Bumper was glazed with black powder, similar to the coat used on other bumpers in this EAG bumpers review. However, the paint of this front Bumper is thick and helps against corrosion.
  • Excellent Quality: It serves your Wrangler effectively because it is made from top-grade materials.
  • Welded hoops: These hoops are fused in and out to shield the front of your Wrangler.
  • Value for your money: For an affordable cost, you can enjoy all the additional benefits of purchasing this Bumper. What could be better than that?
  • For EAG bumpers JL, It is an excellent fit for 2005 Wrangler JL and 2000 Jeep Sahara.


  • Involves expertise: Installing this Bumper as DIY at home might be a tad bit frustrating and tiring. Professional installation might be required for a perfect fit.
  • For YJ Wranglers, the space provided for the winch plate cord is slim and this could cause a slight rub.

Our Opinion

This Bumper is a must-have for your 2003 TJ Rubicon! Included D-rings and Winch plates are just an added benefit of using this Bumper; the quality and armored glaze would serve as the best protection you can get against collision. 

Other Top Alternate EAG Bumpers

The EAG rear bumper YJ is an excellent alternative for 1987 – 2006 Wrangler YJ. As an additional feature, it has a secure tire carrier that is adjusted in two different ways and serves as a safe place for your oversized wheels.

If you need a rear bumper that would be a good fit for your Wrangler JK and also accommodate your spare tires during your off-road trips, you’re looking for this rear Bumper. These sets of EAG bumpers Jeep JK are an excellent alternative for your Wrangler.

The Elite Series winch bumper is a perfect alternative for EAG bumpers WJ. The winch bumper is compatible with 99 – 04 Cherokee WJ and has a unique bull bar constructed with steel sheet. 

For lovers of bumpers with light surrounds and included LED lights, this is for you! These sets of EAG bumpers Jeep TJ possess proper wire harness and switch for your Wrangler. If you intend to go all out for a bumper upgrade, look no further than this LED EAG front bumper.

About Your Preferred Brand Of Bumpers

EAG BUMPERS – EAG bumpers are some of the most exotic and quality bumpers you can find in the market for your jeep. They are made by E-autogrilles company, the leading global marketer of jeep bumpers. Since it came to the limelight in 2010, the company has provided vehicle users with exotic and durable car accessories worth their money.  The company makes its home in California.

SMITTYBILT BUMPER – Smittybilt Automotive Group, Inc make Smittybilt bumpers. They have maintained over sixty years of unbeatable record of inventing the most classic and long long-lasting armors, bumpers, and other car parts suitable for truck, jeeps, and SUVs.

TYGER FURRY BUMPERS – Tyger Furry bumpers have one of the most exquisite layouts that enhances the general beauty of the car. The Bumper consists of quality materials that will stand the taste of time. The accessories are well fitted and also play a part in enhancing the physical outlook of the car.

Provide adequate protection for your jeep by patronizing brands with quality bumpers.  If you need quality bumpers for your vehicle then, EAG, SmittyBilt, and Tyger Furry should be the topmost priority in your brand selection. 

The Best SMITTYBILT Bumper Alternatives

Despite the market dominance of EAG Bumpers there are noteworthy brands who have proven themselves as worthy challengers. Our of the Jeep bumper options our experts have identified the best alternatives to the EAG Jeep Bumpers.

This Smittybilt version can be used as an EAG stinger bumper for your Jeep Wrangler because it provides clearance for all angles where your wheels can’t clear. It is not winch-plate specific and can be used with any winch plate model. This front Bumper was constructed with a 3/6-inch metal sheet and has bolstered ends. It is compatible with specific Jeep Wrangler models, but it is the best fit for the 1993 & 1999 YJ Wrangler.


  • Easy installation: The process of mounting this Bumper is easy to figure out, and once done, you would have your Bumper fixed in no time.
  • Great for Off-road use: This stinger bumper is your choice for any outdoor application. It is an excellent investment in protecting the front of your Jeep from a collision and minor crash.
  • Thick painting: The front Bumper has an extra glaze to produce a thick coat that lasts and wouldn’t fall off easily.
  • Best for 1993 & 1999 YJ Wrangler.


  • Not bolt-on: Some simple modifications might be required for installing this front Bumper.
  • Insufficient number of bolts: The bolts provided for this Bumper are not sufficient to secure it. More bolt might be required. Some Jeep Owners prefer to drill more bolt holes to fasten the Bumper to the front of their Jeep.

Our verdict

If you need an EAG stinger bumper, then this is an affordable choice for your YJ Wrangler. Although some modifications might be required, they are DIY, and you might not need to hire an expert.

This front Bumper for Jeeps is excellent for off-road applications because it has inclined ends that support a better wheel trip. It could serve as a substitute for an EAG jeep bumper with its 2’x120 wall tubing. The Smittybilt 76721 has a constructed D-rings frame but no included winch plate. However, a wide opening is provided for the insertion of the Smittybilt universal winch plate. This Bumper is your best bet for outdoor use and misuse. It was designed for 1997 – 2006 TJ, 1987 – 1995 YJ, and 2004 – 2006 Jeep Unlimited TJ.


  • Improved tire travel: This EAG front bumper substitute is great for outdoor applications because it has sloping ends that improve wheel travel.
  • Better aesthetics: Looking for an attractive bumper upgrade? This is your deal. The protective finish is an excellent improvement in the aesthetics of the forefront of your Jeep Wrangler.
  • Light tabs: Tabs are provided on the Bumper for spotlights and stock fog lights. These are attractive additions to your Wrangler.
  • Excellent Quality: From the protective finish to the steel type used in constructing the Smittybilt Bumper, high-quality is assured.
  • Easy Fix: Mounting this Bumper on your Jeep isn’t time-consuming or difficult to achieve. Once you understand the process of installation, you’re good to go within minutes.
  • Affordable: This Bumper offers you the satisfaction of getting an EAG Jeep mumbler at a reasonable cost.
  • Best for 1978 Jeep Wrangler Sport and 1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ


  • No winch plate included: A slot was provided for inserting one, but no winch plate was included in the packaging.
  • Hard to work on the engine: The installation of this Bumper could make it quite challenging to work on your engine, especially if you have to do any repairs.
  • Four bolts only: There are six factory bolt slots, but the Smittybilt 76721 allows mounting with only four bolts making it challenging to install the winch.

Our verdict

The 76721 Smittybilt is a recommended EAG front bumper YJ/TJ upgrade for Jeep owners. With a reasonable price that wouldn’t ruin your budget, you can get your Jeep Wrangler protected for off-road use.

This substitute EAG rear bumper has a lackluster black protective finish that enhances the look of your Jeep’s back end. It was constructed with a 3/16’ cold-rolled metal sheet and can’t be maintained with chemicals containing any caustic substance. If cleaned with such chemicals, the matte finish of this Bumper would be damaged. It possesses a 2-inches hitch receiver and welded D-ring frames. However, no D-rings are provided to fit into this frame; this might incur an extra cost for you. The Smittybilt rear Bumper is custom-designed for 2 &4 door models of JK Jeep Wranglers.


  • 2-inch hitch receiver: This Bumper possesses a hitch receiver to suit your Wrangler needs.
  • Attractive finish: The lackluster black powdered coat used for the Smittybilt Bumper gives off a stunning look. It is rust-resistant and an excellent upgrade for your rear.
  • Excellent Quality: The materials used for this rear Bumper is top-notch. If you’re concerned about quality, this is for you!
  • Incredible Packaging: JK owners who use this Bumper have refused to go mute on the attractive packaging it is delivered in. No dents or bent bottom tabs, the Bumper was well packaged to withstand rough handling during the process of shipping.


  • No D-ring Included: The Smittybilt only possesses a frame for attaching D-rings, but none are included in the packaging.
  • Heavy: This Bumper is unduly massive and requires about 2 – 3 people to help with installation. We advise you to seek professional installation.
  • It is not the best fit for the 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler.

What do we think?

This rear Bumper is delivered in a well-padded package and has a 2-inch receiver for whatever hitch accessory you need to attach to your Jeep. It is the best shopping choice for JK owners with a budget.

Buyers Guide to EAG Jeep Bumpers

Every Jeep owner knows for a fact, the vital role an EAG jeep bumper plays in giving you an excellent driving experience. It prevents damage to your vehicle, should you accidentally hit another car or object. A curious car owner may ask, why do I need an EAG jeep bumper installed in the first place? Well, if you genuinely cherish your vehicle, you will do everything within your reach to protect it.  One of the most fundamental functions of an EAG bumper is protection. Both the EAG rear bumper and the   EAG front bumper help to provide adequate protection to the car, shielding and protecting the engine and the headlight when the vehicle collides with another. Apart from the protective role it plays in your car, the Bumper also enhances the beauty of your vehicle as the design makes it more fashionable. You can also easily unshackle a car trapped in the mud with the help of a well-fixed bumper.

The Factors to Consider

The EAG bumper quality determines how protected your vehicle’s engine coolant, headlight, hood, grill, and fuel exhaust are during a collision.

If you are still confused about how to get a suitable bumper that will be compatible with your vehicle amidst an avalanche of options, we prepared this article for you. We are here to give you a detailed guideline on the suitable Bumper that will be a good fit for your car.

Weight: what you must first take into consideration when you are in search of a good bumper for your vehicle is to check how heavy the Bumper weighs.  What you must note is that the weightier the Bumper, the sturdier and more effective is.  Even though the heaviness of the Bumper contributes a quarter in fuel consumption, it is safer than the less-heavier product. If you want to save your fuel, then you can go for the one with lesser weight, but if you want to ensure sufficient protection to your jeep, then go for the one with heavier weight. The ball is on your court to decide the suitable Bumper for your vehicle.

Entrance Point: This cuts across one end of the Bumper and the wheels in front.   The Bumper with a spacious point of entrance will give your car an adequate shield as it will enable the jeep’s rock cruiser to clear the ground with ease without hassle.  The one with a spacious approach point will help your vehicle to ascend vertical slopes without nursing any fear of your Bumper being tampered with when cruising over huge bumpy rocks.

The breadth: this is the distance that stretches through your vehicle’s front Bumper and your vehicle’s wheels. The full-length Bumper type will shield the front of your car and a section of your wheels despite being the weightiest type of them all.

The average-length also protects the front section of the vehicle but has lighter weight than the full-length Bumper.  But this brand will not guarantee your truck adequate protection as it will expose your jeep to danger.

The short-length shield is the stoutest and only protects a section of your vehicle headlight. This brand of Bumper exposes your tire to deflation.

Extra features: the properties or accessories that come with Bumper plays a part in giving you a blissful driving experience.  The region you find yourself in plays a role in the kind of vehicle accessories that will suit your vehicle. Some shields come along with cloud light. Brands of this kind are perfect for people who reside and drive in afforested regions or frequently move in darkness. Bumpers with cloud light will be a necessity for those who inhabit and operate in the foggy areas unless their headlights are powerful enough to clear the fog. Note that some cloud lights are fastened together with the light housing on the vehicle shield (Bumper). You have the option of removing them if they are of no use to you.

The slide plate on your Bumper serves as an additional shield to some part of the vehicle engine.

One other accessory you must consider when you are in search of the right Bumper is a winch system connection. This connection allows you to fasten a rope on it to enable you to remove another vehicle trapped in the muck. If you live in a region where the roads are muddy,  you might consider procuring a vehicle shield with this feature so it can be of help to you when trying to remove a vehicle trapped in the muck.

D-ring installs are pegged entanglement that helps in removing any vehicle trapped in the mud.  It must be of acceptable quality so that the vehicle’s Bumper will remain robust after the pull.

Designs:  the layout or the physical makeup of the shield has nothing to do with its effectiveness. It only determines how you want your Bumper to appear. Some jeep owners choose to go for a vehicle shield with the stout layout. This shield has an elongated make up that seems to provide more safeguards to your jeep. You might as well choose to mount the simple layout if you care little about the physical outlook of your jeep. You might select any design of your choice, but ensure you choose the design that will preserve your Bumper from rusting.

Know your budget:  your pocket power determines what kind of Bumper you need. If you are looking out for an exotic bumper with all the necessary features you need, you should be able to pay the price because the cost of it will have to be exorbitant. But if you are looking for a shield with a lower budget, you should have it at the back of your mind that it might not guarantee adequate protection to your jeep.

EAG Bumper Installation Guide

With the guide above, we assume that you have been able to know the right Bumper suitable for your jeep. We will now walk you through the course of installation.

What are the essential tools you need?

Below are necessary apparatuses you need when installing an EAG jeep bumper on your vehicle:

  1. Two jack stands
  2. One Phillips head hand tool
  3. One stretch head strengthening twist
  4. One outlet extension bar
  5. Socket twist, 11/16-inch, and 5/8 socket
  6. One 18mm heavy well plug
  7. One pair of pine needle nose pliers
  8. One socket wheel connection
  9. One small snoop bar
  10. One roller bar

The Installation Process

  • First step: Dismantle the previous Bumper.  You must first all disengage the previous Bumper from your jeep to enable you to fix the new one.  If the last Bumper were a default bumper from the manufacturing company, the dismantling would be a bit difficult.  First, disassociate the mudguard from the Bumper.  Detach the six pins that protect the mudguard. After this, you will remove OEM out of the cloud lamps. Ensure you dampen the elastic catch and disengage the sockets from the two lamps of your jeep.  The next step is to detach the cloud lamps out of the Bumper. You will first disconnect it from the electric cables connected to the vehicle before separating the old cloud lamps. You will have to use the Philips head hand tool to perform these tasks.
  • Second Step: Install the Cloud Lamps on Your Brand-New Bumper. If you still want to retain the OEM cloud lamps of your old Bumper, fix them on the brand-new Bumper’s guard and protect them tightly. But if you procured a new set of cloud lamp, detach the previous cloud lamp first. Fortunately, your newly purchased Bumper will come with the requisite accessories that will aid the protection of your jeep OEM cloud lamp.
  • Third Step: Protect Your Bumper. As soon as the cloud lamps are installed tightly, the next thing to do is to tighten your Bumper. Make sure you fix it up properly before you tighten it with the rings and bolts that come simultaneously with it.
  • Fourth Step: Conclude. After you must have safely fixed it and the loud lamps are in their right places, connect the electric lamps that link through the frames. Although it looks nice when the cables run over the frame rail, make sure the wires are not left hanging ahead or beneath the vehicle shield.

EAG Bumper Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Kindly recommend any bumper brand that would be a perfect alternative for Eagle mountain bumpers?

The Eagle MTX bumper is your deal! Although they are quite expensive, they are an excellent alternative for your vehicle.

Q: Where are EAG bumpers made, and who makes EAG bumpers?

EAG bumpers are made by the E-Autogrilles brand, which is simply referred to as EAG. They are a California- based company.


Bumpers save you the expenses of major repairs to your headlight, engines, and every other part that is affected by a collision with another vehicle. For lovers of Off-road trips, you can never go wrong with an efficient bumper attached to the rear and fore end of your Jeep.

From EAG to Smittybilt to Tyger Fury, these brands offer you diverse kinds of valuable products depending on your budget and needs.  EAG guarantees you of an all-inclusive hardware package – winch plates, isolators, and D-rings are attached to aid bolt-on installation. No extra costs might be required for purchasing the supplied hardware but you might have to deal with constant use of Rust-oleum or other coat options due to low paint quality.  Smittybilt offers you a stinger bumper model for maximum clearance in approach and departure angles.

However, you might be required to purchase separate winch plates or D-ring shackles, as the case may be.

On the other hand, Tyger Fury offers you ultimate protection and increased fuel consumption. You would not have to worry about the security of your Jeep, but your fuel mileage might suffer for it.

Whatever choice you make, ensure it is the right fit for your Wrangler, and you are good to go!


  1. I’m looking for suggestions for my 2005 Wrangler YJ. I want a full width and since I live in New York it is pretty harsh on winter, it should be something that can withstand road salt. Also I want something where I can easily mount a winch and easily install led lights.

  2. EAG bumpers are durable and the welds are good. Your factory fogs will fit as they should. The steel is constructed from good quality and has a winch plate designed for 12,000 lbs unit. However, if you live in NY winters, it can only survive 2 winters and the powder coating will flake off in large pieces. It’s your call.

  3. I went with EAG bumpers regardless if salt will eat up during winter. I don’t mind replacing it once needed because I was able to purchase a pre-owned EAG bumper that came off exactly the same model for my 2005 Wrangler YJ. I’d be able to test it’s durability and if it lasts more than 2 years, I’d but another one like it.


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